The loss of a loved one, the uniqueness of relationships. Dealing with grief is an intensely personal process, but is also an experience we all share at one point in our lives.

No more Player one, is an exploration loss, grief and the recovery I experienced upon losing my older brother in 2020.

From being an ever present player two, spending hours following my brother on his digital adventures. To the sudden draining of colour and the loss of innocence at the death of player one.

Taking inspiration from the medium of video games, the cycles of grief and representation of death within other media. This series follows a shared love of video games between brothers, and how the loss of a sibling can change you. To the passage of time and the inevitable healing that takes place, following through to recovery and the rediscovery of joy, while still honouring the loss of a loved one.


Brothers at play

High Score


No More Player One


P1 in Spirit

Going Solo

Forever Player One

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